Sunday, June 19, 2011


While every writer experiences writer's block, my hiatus was a bit more lengthy than expected. I knew it would take time to get adjusted to life as a FSU alumni after returning from my amazing vacation (Minnesota, Pennsylvania and NYC), but who knew it would take as long as it did? Anyway, now I am all caught up and LOVING Orlando.

Even though I grew up in "The City Beautiful," my experiences as post-grad have been very different. Having a daily routine while working in the hospitality business is nearly impossible as my schedule changes on a weekly basis... but don't get me wrong, I've been loving every minute of it!

While I don't lead the most exciting life, I haven't been exactly boring either:

  • I'm sure the whole country is engrossed with the tragic Casey Anthony trial, but I believe those of us living in Orlando have been tuning in 24/7. (It's not like we have a choice, either! Daily from 9 to 5 the case is broadcasted on every major news network.)

May all of your "wishes" come true!
         Anyway, after the movie, we decided to head over to Magic Kingdom to ride Pirates and see the Wishes fireworks show (as I had yet to see it, even as a cast member!). Wishes was absolutely amazing! The story behind Wishes is so touching too; a little girl was dying and her only wish was to be a singer, so her song was adopted into the nightly fireworks display, nothing short of amazing.

Performances during lunch
  • On a second trip to Walt Disney World, my friend's mom and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Biergarten, the German restaurant in Epcot. Of all the times I've been to Epcot, I've never visited Germany nor Biergarten. I've heard others' opinions on the buffet-style restaurant, and they were SO wrong! The food was impeccable and the Disney-style entertainment was true to the theme.

      **A word of warning, you must be willing to meet friends as you will be seated with other parties! I thought this was very unique, as our table mates were actually from Germany and claimed Biergarten is the only German restaurant they will eat at in Orlando. Bravo, Disney!

    Feed me!
  • On my last day off, I bribed a few friends and family members to visit the Brevard Zoo with me. I'm so glad we did too! We saw a variety of animals (the squirrel monkeys being the overall favorite), and even go to feed a giraffe! This was such a experience, words cannot even explain.

Overall, I can honestly say that my life has been very, very busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My hiatus is up, and will document my steps as I continue to explore Orlando.

Just a fun few things to come:
  • My favorite restaurant, Muchos
  • Britney Spears concert, July (YAY!)
  • Sugarland concert, October
  • Epcot's Food and Wine Festival, September - November
  • Healthy habits, timed 5ks and hopefully a half-marathon!

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