Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Review: Limitless

Last night I tagged along with some friends to see the new action-packed thriller, Limitless, staring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. I really didn't know what to expect... other than being thrilled about spending the next two hours with Bradley Cooper. I can honestly say that I get bored quite easily and sometimes find myself zoning out, especially during movies; this didn't happen in Limitless. I literally was on the edge of my seat through out the whole movie, which contained too many twists to count. I jumped, I laughed, and I even covered my eyes.

The movie is based on the 2001 novel, The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn (and the next novel on my list of books to read). Depressed Eddie (Cooper) runs into his ex-brother-in-law (Johnny Whitworth) and is given a new drug, NZT, that is supposed to awaken the mind (we decided it's similar to adderall on crack). This new super drug brings many new changes to Eddie's life, among fame, love, and crime.

If you enjoy movies that make you think (e.g. Inception), you'll really enjoy this new flick!

" I am a junky. If movies could kill you, I would've been dead years ago."
-Scott Weinberg

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