Monday, March 28, 2011

Yogurt Mountain

For days my roommate and I have been dying to try the new "fro-yo" joint in town, Yogurt Mountain. While the name might be a bit, well, lame, the yogurt is amazing! The new fro-yo fad is filling your own cup with the amount and types of not only frozen yogurt, but also the toppings and paying based on the weight in ounces.  The thing I loved about Yogurt Mountain is that the taste their yogurt claimed to be, actually tasted the way it should. My roommate and I were so excited that the cake batter flavor, "actually tasted like cake batter!" 

The store varies their flavors (up to 16), so if you happen to go more than once a month (after today, I definitely will!), you won't experience the same thing. Today there was an array of fruit, traditional ice cream, and sorbet flavors; all being low fat or fat free! In addition to the variety of flavors, Yogurt Mountain also has a toppings bar. From candy to cereal to syrups to fruit they really have it all. For $0.45 per ounce, you really can't beat this "sweet" deal!
My concoction: swirl of peanut butter and cookies and cream yogurt with Reese's, graham crackers and peanuts :)

"The belly rules the mind."
-Spanish Proverb

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