Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember the Milk

The first time I came across this website, Remember the Milk, I thought it was not only a great idea but also a catchy name! While the site has nothing to do with milk, it allows you to create online to-do lists, and yes, it's free!

You can create these to-do lists for your personal, school and work life, which include due dates, time estimates, locations, websites, etc. From there, you can prioritize your lists and even email, or SMS text them!

You'll be surprised how organized you'll find yourself after using this website. While it is the last semester of my college career, it has also been my best semester and I attribute that to staying organized!

“Three levels of organizational vision: 1. The Do-able 2. The Conceivable 3. The Previously Unthinkable.”

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