Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Tallahassee Bucket List

So I realized I mentioned in my first blog post how I intend on updating the "bucket list" every weekend as I cross things off. Clearly, I've been slacking. The past few days I've been able to cross off five things (I would have had six, but Gordos was out of t-shirts), yay me!

Being the food lover I am, most of the things on my list are restaurants and upscale bars. I took advantage of my mom coming up to visit and took her to a few of these places, not realizing we would go to three in one night alone! 
We started the night out at Wine Loft in midtown, off of Thomasville Rd. I have always wanted to go to this tapas and wine bar (duh) due to the location and outside seating. However, once there, not only was it closing early, but it was so pricy. Yes, the tater tots ("Hey man, can I have your tots?" ha!) and mushroom bruschetta we ordered were phenom, but I could have made them myself!

Meet Karen, my mom and fellow wine lover!
After the Wine Loft, we decided it was time to run across the street to the French restaurant that is very eye catching, Chez Pierre. As most people that have driven down Thomasville already know, the outdoor seating sucks you in with the enchanting lights, trees, and frequent live music. I was told to only try Chez Pierre if you truly like French cuisine, luckily it was a hit! (And the fair wine prices were not bad either!)

View of Chez Pierre from Wine Loft
The third place of the night was a spur of the moment decision. We were passing Tallahassee's newest (and best) hotel, Hotel Duval on Monroe Street and instantly thought of Level 8. Level 8 is a hip bar on the eighth floor, known for it's class and sophistication... not to mention ever popular "Little Black Dress Wednesdays" (a.k.a. free champagne for girls in black dresses on Wednesday nights!). After hearing about my Tallahassee bucket list, we made a quick pit stop to check the place out. It was a great place to people watch, and see the Tallahassee sky line, though small, I'm sure it's a beautiful sight at sunset!

Fast forwarding to today, I stopped by a local used bookstore, Paperback Rack. I was instantly overwhelmed (in a good way!) when I walked through the door. I completely forgot for what I was truly looking for, and just grabbed a few familiar books, and two recommendations (A Great and Terrible Beauty and Fahrenheit 451)... reviews to come upon completion!  

My selection: The Grapes of Wrath, The House at Pooh Corner, Southern Ladies and Gentlemen, A Great and Terrible Beauty and Fahrenheit 451
The last stop on this week's whirlwind was Filling Station (formerly Tapas), a bar and restaurant that was truly amazing! I only ordered a simple flatbread pizza, but it was surprisingly very very good, light, yet still filling. If you have yet to go to Filling Station, I urge you to go immediately, as you won't be disappointed!

Blessedness consists in the accomplishment of our desires, and in our having only regular desires.
-Saint Aurelius Augustine

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