Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Friday!

Meet my new boyfriend!
After a disappointing Thursday night (witnessing a fight), my friends and I vowed for a fun Friday... and it was! We began our afternoon at a local hot spot for happy hour, then continued downtown to Downtown Get Down (a festival-like atmosphere with entertainment and food). We got there just in time to see Jake Owen perform a live concert for his alma mater, FSU. This was the first time I've seen Jake Owen perform, and he was amazing! While I didn't know every song, he put on a great show and it was clear that everyone present had a great time. Following the concert was about a ten-fifteen minute long fireworks show!

After last night I didn't know how easy it would be to wake up and run the 5k I was planning to run early this morning. Unfortunately, I woke up to thunderstorms and thought the race would be canceled. Luckily, the storm lightened up long enough for the race and I even got a PR (personal record)! The race was for the Palace Saloon, a local bar, and offered a free beer at the end of the race... even though I opted for water.Overall, it was a great race (over 1000 runners), even through the 100% humidity and rain. I can't wait for my next race (which might actually be tomorrow morning!)

The weather barely held up at the starting line!

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