Monday, April 18, 2011

FSU Flying High Circus

On Saturday, I joined my roommate and her family at the FSU circus (yes, FSU does have a circus!). This was my second trip to the circus, the previous trip during my sophomore year during parent's weekend. Each circus season (I believe it goes by semester), is themed with costumes and music. The current theme, "Around the World", was amazing! I knew to expect a few basic juggling, balancing and even acrobatic acts, but the trapeze acts blew my mind! You can check out videos here (click on video clips).

The unique thing about FSU's circus is everything is done by students; the stunts, cleaning, lights, music, and assembly. Congrats on an amazing season FSU circus performers, as I know many people thoroughly enjoyed the show!
I know it's hard to see, but check out the two trapeze performers in the middle of the photo!

I just have to brag really quick about this AMAZING risotto I had for dinner. I figured it was time to start being healthy (even though risotto isn't the healthiest thing), and break out the broccoli . I assumed it would just taste like steamed broccoli mixed into pasta. Not even close. Sauteing the broccoli first brings out a whole new level of flavor that is indescribable until you try it... and I urge you to immediately!

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