Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer TV Shows

Let's be honest, when May rolls around we all die a little bit inside when our favorite shows (i.e. Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters? Anyone?) take a brief hiatus until September. However I thank ABC Family for the amazingly horrible summer seasons: Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars and Separated at Birth. While I may be a bit old to be watching these shows, like everyone else I'm oddly addicted. Last summer, my friends (even the guys!) would get together for dinner parties and "PLL!" I have a secret, can ya keep it? :)

Summer TV show addiction number 2? The Bachelorette. At first I resisted, as the Bachelor and Bachelorette normally bore me to tears. This season really isn't much different, but like I said, I'm addicted! Right now I don't have a favorite, but that's mainly because I have an awful memory and can't remember any of their names (team hot guy?). I'm just happy that no-for-good Bentley is gone. I hope he's happy that every female in America despises him now! #BringbackJillian

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