Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Doctor...

Sorry I'm not actually sorry! The one thing I hate more than anything is going to the doctor... and guess what I got to do bright and early this morning? Yup. EYE doctor. Combine my dislike for the doctor and people touching my face? Yuck

I didn't start out this patient/doctor relationship very well. I went about two weeks ago to be diagnosed with double pink eye. Not like that's bad enough, I accidentally swore at the doctor when he touched my eye. I would never normally do this, I promise! The poor man couldn't get me out that door fast enough.

Anyhow, today wasn't much better. Apparently my eye lids are off and he's never seen that before. Of course this made me flip out and assume I'm going blind. Guess what? I'm not! Hooray, vision!

Side note: Let's recap The Bachelorette. How awful were Ashley's decisions? And please, please, PLEASE get over Bentley already! You were pre-warned of his rude ways, he is not attractive, and is a compulsive liar. On to the next one.

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