Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alexa Strong

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you could rule the world? I had one the other night after completing (what I thought was) a nearly impossible task for a picky guest. I consider my job far beyond a simple concierge, more like a "wish granter" where I can make the impossible, possible! Clearly many of my day to day duties are simple tasks, but helping others is what I strive to do.
I know what you're thinking, "how does 'conquering the workforce' have anything to do with 'Alexa Strong?'" Well, growing up in Orlando, far from my extended family (1100 miles to be exact), my immediate family became very close to friends we made through school and church. These friends practically became family as we spent many weekends, holidays, and even vacations together. Growing up with these amazing friends has been such a blessing because I know that no matter where I in the world I end up settling, I can call any one of these people and have them at my side (even if it is just through email/text/social media).

For my graduation, my friend's mom (they have been great family friends ever since I was in 3rd grade...going on 14 years!) made an amazing scrapbook full of my college memories. The scrapbook has tons of pictures from all of my quests, inspiring yet humorous quotes, and her own little personal touches.
My two favorite things!

This scrapbook lead me to think about something not too pleasant, but important nonetheless. If my house caught fire, what would be the one thing I grab? Well I couldn't pick just one, but considering the items I chose were both scrapbooks, let's call it a draw. While most possessions can be replaced, photos cannot. The two most influential details in my life thus far, being college and the Disney College Program, would hardly be forgotten, yet impossible to replace. It might be dumb to admit, but sometimes when I'm having a rough day these pages bring tears to my eyes as it's hard to believe they're over. At least I have these scrapbooks to relive them!

My irreplaceable items
Coming full circle to the "Alexa Strong" was written in a quote by my friend's mom. She explained that strength is one of the most important things needed to succeed in life, and the only way I can proceed to do this is being "strong.. Alexa strong."

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