Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monogramming Wine Glasses

Being involved in Greek Life automatically makes you an arts and crafts pro. Big/Little week, initiation, homecoming, dance marathon, etc. There are so many times where paint takes over the town.

It's no surprise that this summer has me missing college, especially with the fall semester drawing near. The best way to bring back my hopeful craftiness is to relive it! A few weeks ago, my friend, Brittny, and I purchased groupons at a place, All Fired Up, a pottery painting place. All Fired Up is unique in comparison to others as it is not only family friendly, but alcohol as well (perfect for parties!). I'm not the best painter, so we decided sober painting was the best route, and I'm glad we did!

I chose a wine glass (appropriate, right?), while Brittny painted a large coffee mug. From the moment we bought our Groupons, I knew I wanted to paint monogram to mimic my Tervis Tumbler.
I take this baby EVERYWHERE!

I loved the brown and teal look, but didn't want to leave the wine glass white, I figured that would be too boring. Of course I had to make it complicated and paint the monogram first, but hey, nothing's ever easy!
Almost done!

While I consider myself a perfectionist, I didn't want my glass to appear that way. Of course I wanted it to look nice, so I could be proud of it, but I wanted it to look like I made it, not like it was purchased. I liked the look of parts of the white glass showing, and the peach lines not being perfectly straight. I hope once fired it looks as good as I imagined!

The final product
I highly suggest giving All Fired Up a try! It was a great time, and a huge stress reliever! And don't worry if you're not so crafty, they have tons of stencils and stamps!

After painting the pottery version, I'm thinking about painting regular glass wine glasses. I think it would be a very cool, and original, gift. If you have any ideas, let me know! I've already found a really cool website that demonstrates wine etching (check it out here!). The etching allows for portion control, monograms or other fun designs. Cheers to cute wine glasses!

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