Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Britney (and Nicki Minaj), Bitch!


Getting ready for Britney Spears!
I have one word for the Nicki Minaj/Britney Spears show last night, amazing!! These two female powerhouses totally stepped it up and it was clear that the crowd was loving it!

I have to admit that I didn't even watch the two apparent openers for no other reason than I wasn't interested. I know this is very harsh, but I had never even heard of the performers, so I preferred to take my time at Happy Hour downtown (at Big Belly Brewery!) before. :)
Walking to the Amway Center

I was a big skeptical of Nicki Minaj as I really only knew her music from other artists. She no longer is in the shadow of other artists as I once believed. Her nick name suits her.. she really is one bad bitch!

Between Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears was an obnoxiously long delay (45 minutes!) but it was well worth it, and Britney can do whatever she wants... she's Britney Spears for crying out loud! After hearing all of the great reviews of the Femme Fatale tour thus far, I had very high expectations. Let me just say that Miss Spears did not disappoint! She may not be the killer dancer she used to be, but she can sure whip her hair better than anyone I know... and more importantly, look fabulous while doing it.

I know what many people must be thinking, "Why buy tickets to a concert where the singer doesn't even sing?" There is no surprise that Britney is constantly criticized for her lack of vocal performance during her shows. But you tell me, why is she still so popular then? Anyhow, to my (and possibly even your) surprise, this show included some live vocals! How do I know this? Well it was pretty obvious that some of the songs weren't up to the CD quality... but then again no live concert ever is!

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that while Britney did perform a great number of songs off of her newest album, she brought back some of the "oldies but goodies." You can never go wrong with Hit me Baby One More Time, Boys, and Toxic.Clearly the overall crowd favorites were I Wanna Go, Till the World Ends and S&M (originally sung with Rhianna).

During Til the World Ends

If it were up to me (and not my wallet), I would definitely see the show again! While the Groupon deal was amazing, the seats were sub-par. Now that I know what to expect from this show, I truly would have spent a greater amount to see Britney perform from center stage.

Peace. Love. Britney.

P.S. I have a TON of videos I intend on posting to this entry once I figure out how!

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