Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Save the Ta-tas!

This afternoon I met my mom after work for a bit of "retail therapy" at the outlets. Therapy from what? I'm not quite sure, but we can make up something!

I'm not sure why, but we were all about the exercise clothes today. Champion had a huge sale on everything in the store. I'm obsessed with their sports bras and picked a few up for $10! Considering they sell for even $15 at Target is a steal. Now I feel like I have even more of a reason to work out.. cute clothes!

After getting lucky at Champion, we headed over to New Balance aka my dad's favorite store. At first we didn't think we would find any luck there until we found these shirts...

Clearly I found them adorable, and the moose shirt cracked me up! How could I not support a horrible disease in a funny way?! (There was also a shirt that read, "Protect 2nd base" :)) I fully intend on rocking these at the gym as well!

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