Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Show Update

Because my life right now is far from interesting, I figure why not update this summer's awfully awesome television shows. While I wish Glee and Grey's Anatomy were on 12 months a year, it is nice to have a break with some trashy reality tv (i.e. Teen Mom and The Bachelorette) mixed in with some teenage fun (i.e. Switched at Birth and Pretty Little Liars).

The OCD in me is going to make this as list like as possible, starting on Sunday at the earliest show. If you think this is bad, you should see my closet!

Color coordination at it's finest. ROY G BIV would be proud.

  • Keeping up with the Kardashians. I'm going to be completely honest, I used to love this show, but this season I guarantee 75% of the viewers are only interested in seeing how Kim was proposed to. In the mean time, I'll just laugh at Bruce and Kris.
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey. Pre-season I was Teresa's biggest fan, I even have her cook book! But this season getting into that fight with her brother was the dumbest thing should could have ever done. "Why?" you ask. Well clearly she's a hypocrite. She's really not all about family as she claims, but hey, it is what it is. Team Gorga!
  • The Bachelorette. Don't even get me started. Ashley annoyed the bajesus out of me! I'm just glad this season is over and Bachelor Pad can now start. Oh, and please send Ben my way. Or Constantine. They look like identical twins to me! :)
  • Secret Life of the American Teenager. I know, I know, this show is for children. Who ever said I have to grow up?
  • Switched at Birth. Many people agree that this show should be knocked off of my list, but I can't let it go. Plus, the signing intrigues me!
  • Secret Homecoming. This is one reality show that brings me to tears within minutes. Because I have an uncle currently over seas (serving in the US Army), and have had a close friend pass away (he was in the Marine Corps), this show has my heart. I think it is so so special what this show is about and how it surprises the friends and family of these brave soldiers. USA!
  • Teen Mom. This show is so awful it's not even funny! This past episode really made me laugh, as Farrah was upset her teachers thought she was a "bitch", Amber was called a poor mother, Caitlyn has to grow up, and Macy once again moved. Well DUH! It's a good thing their children are so darn cute!
  •  Pretty Little Liars. Who doesn't love this show?! Last summer my friends and I would take turns making dinner and watch it like one big, happy family... or Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily? My friend even googled who "A" is, and to see if the series is following the books.I got a secret, can ya keep it?
  • The Little Couple. How precious are Dr. Jen and Bill? I'm rooting for these two in their quest for their perfect "little" family!
 So it's clear to see that I spend my time rather poorly, as it seems like I do nothing but watch television. I promise that I really don't watch that much TV, I actually record many of the shows or watch them online as my work schedule doesn't permit any sort of normalcy.

What is your favorite summer television show? What show are you most looking forward to coming back/starting this fall?

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