Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work, Work all Week Long

AND weekend! Ever since I added a part-time internship to my schedule, I've been pulling seven day work weeks. It sounds bad, but it really isn't. On my days off from my full time job, I head to internship world, where I feel like I'm making a difference.I'm pretty sure that everyone would agree that that is the best feeling ever!

Through it all, I've decided that being unsocial is just not going to happen. I was worried at first that my social life, or any free time in general, would go down the drain, but my hopes are high! For example, I am heading to my favorite place in the world after work on Thursday! Yippeeee!! (And for those of you who aren't sure? That would be Walt Disney World. :))

Somehow, by the grace of God, I found myself with an actual vaca this coming weekend! Saturday and Sunday? Let's play! My brothers and I are planning a trip to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens and attempt the new cheetah roller coaster. I've heard great things and I can't wait to check it out myself!

P.S. Speaking of vacations, I might be taking my first "big kid" one soon! My friend and I are planning a beach trip before the weather prohibits us. I know what you're thinking, "You live in Florida, you can go all year long!" Well, not so much. Even during the 80 degree weather, the water is freezing!

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