Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Fall!

While my deju vu sense has completely taken over, so has the feeling of fall. It may be the fact that I feel like I should be back in school, it may be "the weather is perfect in Tally" status updates... OR it just may be that the Halloween decorations are up in Magic Kingdom!

Don't we look photoshopped in?
I knew the time was coming close, but my friend, Meghan, and I literally screamed when we stepped off of the monorail last week! The fall months bring many great things to Central Florida; The Food and Wine Festival, Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party, Halloween Horror Nights, MY BIRTHDAY, and most importantly, nice weather!

While I am a HUGE fan of warm weather, weather under 85 degrees truly makes me giddy. How could you not be thrilled about trading in your bikini for boots?! (On a side note, I'm definitely going to be busting that bathing suit out in two weeks as I'm heading to the beach for the weekend! Would you be even a bit surprised if I said I'm staying at a Disney beach resort? Yeah, I didn't think so. :))

With so many things to look forward to in the next month alone, my nerves have finally began to settle, especially since I have figured out my next life goal... grad school! Tonight I went to UCF's grad school fair and think I have found the next best step. So with that being said, MBA program here I come!

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