Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Just Felt Like Ruh-ning!

And run jog I did! Somehow I powered through those 4.5 miles, like a champ. I told myself from the first step to take my time and go slow, and, well, run at least four miles. Generally I run a bit faster and cover less mileage, so this was a big step (pun intended) for me!

Of course, now my knee is hating me and my reckless decisions. Darn.

Aside from my bum knee, the other thing I hate about running is how my appetite grows. A lot. You'd think burning so many calories would instantly trim your figure, but I notice myself gaining weight when I concentrate on cardio (in comparison to a variety of cardio, weights and pilates).

For dinner I tried my best to keep things healthy, yet filling, so I made a salad (with onions, shredded parm, and green peppers) and added brown rice to the mix. I topped my creation with a lime dressing that is to die for. Seriously, it'll change your life.
Meet my addiction!

P.S. You need to watch this new video that is taking social media by storm. You'd think that the Disney fan in me might be offended by this inappropriately dubbed video, but I find it hilarious! Bonjour, Girl!

Please share if you have any videos that top this! Bloggers like to laugh too :)

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