Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good News for UF Students!

Good for you, Gators! Florida State fans can no longer mock you for being the "ugliest" students in the state, as they have in the past. Facebook groups, Tweets, snarly comments, and the like have been the source of this silly rivalry, both on and off the football field.

According to a Newsweek Magazine article, both FSU and UF have been rated for having "Most Beautiful" students (source: Orlando Sentinel). However, I do have to boast as FSU (once again) leads as they are listed as #4, and UF following #5.

I know what you're really wondering... What does this mean? Well, nothing. This is just another thing for the rival school to fight about, in addition to football, of course!

What else is on the list? Both schools are top "Lovely Campus" contenders (no surprise there!) and University of Florida ranked second in the nation for being "Least Rigorous." I have to admit, this one really surprised me. UF is known in Florida for being the most difficult public school to get in to, yet the have the "least rigorous" academia? Hmm, something's not write right there! :)

In football news, the Gators are taking on the Tennessee Vols. Great, your first "real" game. However, my #5 Seminoles are up against the #1 Oklahoma Sooners. While I may not agree with Lee Corso's pick, I do expect a great game!


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