Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day in the Life of Watson

I know many bloggers follow this post about their pets. My little man wanted a day in the spotlight too, he told me.

I look sexy, even after a bath
Still being a puppy, he has a ton of energy to pose for pictures.

I love my best friend, Bear. I love cuddling with him even more!

I'm such a diva and yes, I wake up looking this good.

I cheer for my mom's alma mater! Go Noles!
I'm smart. I know how to "High Five"
I love to go for walks, but they make me tired.

It's clear to see my pup, Watson, is pretty awesome. He's a cute ball of fur with a huge helping of love (ask my dad, he's Watson's favorite!). He might be a pain in the heiny sometimes (especially chewing my brand new purse), but aren't we all?!

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