Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party in the USA!

Generally American holidays are my favorite. Not because I'm super patriotic, but because it's an excuse to partayyy! You truly can't beat being with friends and family, while spending the day eating, drinking and lounging in the sun.

My neighbor's beautiful fireworks

This year was a bit different though.My family decided to leave me and spend the week at the beach. BOO. Anyway, I tried to make the best of the day and grill out before heading in to work. Yet another glitch... our grill was broken. I had to give up all of my mini plans to bake chicken and watch the ending of the Casey Anthony trial. How American, right?

From my Disney internship. Check out the red, white and blue dresses :)
While today might not have been the ideal Independence Day, I plan on meeting a friend bright and early tomorrow to see Cars 2. The AMC Theaters at Downtown Disney are running a summer special where G and PG rated movies are only $1!! It's a good thing I'm a huge nerd and have a few PG rated movies on my list! (Yes, I really do have a summer must-see movie list!)

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