Tuesday, July 5, 2011


With the end of the deliberation came the verdict. While it was not what anyone expected, I must admit that after a few hours of thinking, I understand. No, I'm not heartless, but I did take a basic law class in college. Of course I didn't spend an immense amount time in this subject, but I understand the basics.

In order for Casey Anthony to be convicted (especially for a case of this magnitude), the jury had to believe she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. What this means is there cannot be a single doubt in their mind that she's not guilty. However, the jury as a whole decided that with all of the evidence and testimonies provided, there was reasonable doubt. This does NOT make the jury or prosecution wrong. Clearly the prosecution were the best lawyers in the state, or they would not have been up against this difficult case. The evidence given was very hard to prove that Casey did anything. Clearly someone was at fault, as an innocent child died, and as sad and horrific as it is, we will never know.

I think America so desperately wanted Casey to be found guilty because we wanted someone to blame. Yes, she made a lot of mistakes, but there is no proof of her being a bad mother. Yes, she lied to nearly everyone in her life, but she might have been telling the truth about the whereabouts of her child. We specifically target Casey because she is the mother, yet what about the child's grandparents, friends, family, and/or father? Many of these questions are still unknown and will always be.

It is now time to stop judging the Anthony family. The jury, as deemed fit by the state, came to a conclusion that will forever remain. While Casey Anthony was convicted on four counts of providing wrongful information to law enforcement, the combined time she has already served may be enough for her to walk as early as Thursday.

As odd as this may sound, I almost feel sorry for her. Because this case made national (possibly even international) news, it is going to be extremely hard for her to fit in to a "normal" lifestyle ever again. While Anthony may not have been convicted with more than a misdemeanor, do you really think employers will find her suitable for work? Probably not.

To end on a positive note, those of us living in Orlando finally have our morning shows back! I have been missing Regis and Kelly and Good Morning, America like you wouldn't believe!

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