Wednesday, July 13, 2011

True Life: I'm Addicted to Floppy Hats

This morning I tried my very first kick boxing class, and I LOVED it. The best part was that it was only 40 minutes long and I'm already super sore (even more so than the Benny Benassi Show!). Who would have thought that kicking and punching an imaginary person would have been so fun?!

To relax after the class, I pretended it was "Five O'Clock Somewhere" and laid out by the pool, catching some much needed sun. Yes, the Florida sun is hot, humid and bright, but I could never give it up... especially with that sexy new accessory :)

"Baby, will you be my corona and lime?"
My love for floppy hats began last fall when I started my internship at Walt Disney World. My roommates and I spent any free moment at our complex's pool, so shielding my face from the sun was clearly important. My roommate (and partner-in-crime), Meghan, and I went to Casting Control one day (a store strictly for Disney employees where we can buy highly discounted merchandise) and I found an adorable floppy Mickey Mouse hat for $2! You better believe that baby accompanied me to the pool every day after!
Why yes, I really am this cool...
Peace. Love. And tan responsibly :)

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