Monday, August 8, 2011

My Life is a Country Song

Don't judge me for listening to country music! I listen to literally every type of music... except that screaming "music." Country, rock, jazz, pop, rap/hip hop, show tunes. Yeah, I love it all!

Anyhow, those of you who also listen to country music probably agree that is most like real life. There is a lot about love, life, family, friends, and having fun! There are so many "feel good" songs that it's hard not to "Let the Music be your Guide!" (Sorry, yet again another Disney reference :))

So here we go, my list of favorite country songs to follow every step in life:
  •  Lookin' for a Good Time by Lady Antebellum - best fell good song. The title pretty much explains it all. The lyrics, the upbeat tone, how could you not have a smile worn upon your face every time you hear this?!
  • Alright by Darius Rucker - best "I love you" song. This once-Hootie-and-the-Blowfish-singer can sure kick ass! His songs have been nonstop chart toppers and all around great songs. Alright is no different. Yes, it is not slow and drawn out, it is much more up beat.. almost pop. But seriously, it is pretty much every young couple's life and I hope mine follows sequence. 
  • Fishing in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Band - best I'm a Rebellious teenager song (as well as FSU Alpha Chi Omega's "former" theme song). You and me go fishing in the dark, says it all!
  • Five O'clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson ft. Jimmy Buffet - best happy hour song. Nothing says, "You're fun, I'm fun, let's have a margarita" like this classic. Pour me something tall and strong, Mr. Buffet!
  • Let's Make Love by Faith Hill and her hot hubby Tim McGraw - best anniversary/lasting love song. This song is so sweet! It's nice to see and hear about a famous couple that truly loves each other, through good times and bad. While I might not be singing this time anytime soon, I hope others will!
  • Kerosene by Miranda Lambert - best I hate you song. Love's all fine and dandy, but we need to have music to put us through those pain-in-the-you-know-what times too. This song is great because it doesn't make you feel sad, but rather, powerful. The upbeat track almost helps a rough break up, so you are ready to face the world again! Thanks for the support, Mrs. Shelton!
  • There Goes my Life by Kenny Chesney - best "that just happened" song. This song brings about the, "Oh crap" moments in life. Yes, they do happen, and most of the time they are quite unexpected. Luckily, Kenny Chesney reminds us that life will be okay, and we will prevail!
  • Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen - best I love summer song. Obviously this superlative is kind of lame, but if you are Life Made Simple blog follower, it is no surprise how much I love this song! Let's just reminisce a few months back to when I got to see this song sung live... oh yeah!
  • You Lie by The Band Perry - best "you really suck" song. This is a notch above just the "I don't like you." This song proves that the opposite sex (or same, if you feel that way.. Life Made Simple doesn't judge!) is never perfect. They fight with us, they lie, and then we break up. See ya never!
Current favorite? Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffet (can you tell I love him?!). This new summer song is amazing. Spending time at the beach (or lake) is the best way to spend a day off, whether with friends, family or alone. No matter how hot it is, being outside in the water is the only way to spend a summer day!

Clearly I'm only touching the surface of the vast amount of country songs, I feel bad leaving out some of my all time favorite artists, Sugar Land (of whom I'm seeing in October!), Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. These artists never deserve second place, but how many "I love you" and "I hate you" songs do you need?

What is your favorite country song? What does it mean to you and how has it impacted your life?

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